I will help create a messenger chatbot for your Facebook pages and Website for ₦15,000

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the importance of chatbots can never be overemphasized,

  • from being available for your customers request 24/7 should incase they choose to ask for any offer about your company,
  • to providing instant valuable replies to messages as they come, even while you sleep, on vacation or attending to other businesses 
  • to  helping businesses across industries engage with their customers better,
  • to delivering multilingual replies to customers or clients who don't understand your site's primary languages
  • to Offering Website Visitors Contextual, AI-Driven Support
  • to providing better analysis of customers data for used in your reselling marketing strategy
  • even has it enhances customer engagement and sales
  • by installing bots on your site, it saves a great deal of time and leaves the more complex jobs that need human inputs directed to the support team
  • a chatbot installed on your site or Facebook Page can send links to your latest products or services to everyone who comments or likes your post.

this are just the few usefulness of installing a bot on your Facebook page and website

Below is a link to more of what a bot can do:


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